Anonymous asked: Dude, you're back?

I’m not sure yet tbh. Real life is killer at the moment. :(

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Anonymous asked: hi! I was wondering if it was alright if I made a fic based/inspired on your art/comic: "Reincarnation. Emma keeps her promise"?

Go ahead! :)

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tiny little facts.

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Daenerys Targaryen’s “someone is going to die” face



it gets funnier every time.

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AU where Zelena and Regina grew up together because I can ok.

trigger warning for child abuse throughout.

When Regina’s three and Zelena is six, they chase each other around the royal grounds where Grandfather lives and tear through the library and ride down banisters. Regina falls down the stairs once and it’s Zelena who’s punished, who Mother flings across the room with an outstretched hand and rebukes for not taking care of Regina. Regina is patched up tenderly and Daddy takes her to Grandfather for a get-well hug.

They’re too young to hear the whispers and notice the eyes on Zelena, but Zelena is already uncomfortable around their cousins, and when Regina asks Daddy what a bastard is, Mother decides that they’ve had enough time with Grandfather this summer.

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I’ve already got a family.

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You cast a curse that was just a fancy form of running away.

Alison Hendrix 2.01 // 2.03

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this line was so under appreciated thank u

I agree

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@jenmorrisonlive If Emma was gay how do you think that Snow and Charming would react? #WickedVsEvil #OUAT (x)


joan coming home to the huge mess all of sherlock’s tantrums left and sherlock standing in the middle of it like